Sept 1, 2018 - GECKOFEST


2018 THEME: “Gecko Con” A celebration of superheroes, villains, cult characters, imaginary locations and more from comics, books, movies, tv shows, animé and other media in pop culture genres akin to the world of popular Comic Con conventions around the world.

Est. Attendance: 35,000

Location: 3101 Beach Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL 33707

Date: September 1, 2018 Time: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Load in: 6:00 am, Saturday 9/1/2018        Load out: 10:30 pm, Saturday 9/1/2018

Applicant Info: Themed décor is requested of all Approved Applicants. Applications must include three (3) photos of work or items for sale and one (1) photo of outdoor booth set up. Applications will be reviewed by committee. Applying for an event does not guarantee acceptance. Confirmation or rejection of acceptance will be sent via e-mail and will not be given over the phone without prior written confirmation. A waiting list will be established in case of cancellation. Alternates will be made from the wait list at the discretion of the committee.

Space Size: All spaces are sold in 10’ x 10’ increments. Please make arrangements for your display to fit within your purchased/assigned space.

SAVE $50 when you submit your application before July 31, 2018. (*Discount taken at checkout) Apply Online

Application Fee: $15.00 Payable to SIK Promotions, Inc.

Artist/Crafter: $200 (Items must be handmade or 75% embellished by the artist)

Fair Trade/Import: $250  (Maximum 24 spaces available to also include Resale/Retail)

Resale/Retail: $250 (Maximum 24 spaces available to also include Fair Trade/Import)

Commercial/Corporate: $800 and up

Charities/Non-Profits: $200 (Space is limited - Application must include a copy of 501(c)(3) designation)

Mainline Food Vendors*: $300 (Maximum 9 Mainline spaces available) Electric Included

Single Item Food Vendors*: $250 (Single (1) Item ONLY - Maximum 9 Single Item spaces available) Electric Included

* Mainline and Single Item Food Vendor Applications must include complete menu with prices, copy of mobile vending permit or license and copy of insurance. Once approved, vendors must submit a certificate of insurance naming the City of Gulfport, the Gulfport Merchant’s Association and SIK Promotions, Inc. each as additional insured, and must also complete the Gulfport Fire Departments temporary permit application. NOTE: Food Trucks are not permitted per City ordinance.

Performers: All applications must be received with a press kit. Please note, SIK Promotions events are considered family-friendly and vulgar language, violence, nudity, alcohol, and/or drug use are prohibited at any of our events. SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE FOR PERFORMANCE. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea/Steampunk Themed Applicants will take priority.

Returned Check Fee: In accordance with Florida law, all returned checks will be assessed a penalty of:

  1. $25.00, if the face value does not exceed $50.00
  2. $30.00, if the face value is more than $50.00 but does not exceed $300
  3. $40, if the face value is more than $300.00

Apply Online or Mail completed application along with payment to:

SIK Promotions, c/o GECKOFEST, PO Box 530234, St. Petersburg, FL 33747

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